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Meet The Team


Sowmen Mitter

President, Central Executive Committee. One of the founders of the organization, his concern for the environment is matched only by his love for literature.


Saranya Basu

A postgraduate student at Jadavpur University, he has been working an an intern at Asian Confluence. If not working or visiting some remote area of the Sundarban, he maybe found indulging in a game of table tennis.


Oyeshi Ganguly

 "A student of Jadavpur University, I have previously worked as an intern at Greenpeace India and Fridays for Future. Intersectional Feminist. Bibliophile. Proud Nerd. Tree Hugger."

Jon Doe

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Jane Doe

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James Doe

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Soumyajit Dutta


Titas Ganguly

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Sudarshan Pujari

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Abhimanyu Sen

A student of Jadavpur University, he loves to travel. His other hobbies include watching films, reading and bus-spotting(yeah, you read that right);

is a good boi like his doggo.


Pritam Das

A resident of Canning, located in the Sunderban delta, he

has been an activist involved in grassroot level activism.. An immensely enthusiastic social worker, he is also an excellent cook.


Sukanya Sengupta

"I’m a student of Jadavpur University Department of International Relations. It’s always a pleasure to work for anything that is good and I wish I can contribute however much I can to the betterment of our society and environment."


Apala Mitra

"I  am pursuing BSc. honors in Geography at the University of Calcutta. Fascinated by the dynamic earth, the complex relationship between the environment and all the living beings that inhabits it. I regard saving the nature and spreading ecological awareness as my goal in life."


Anirban Banerjee

One of the founding members of Green Crusaders. When it comes to organizational work, he is the person you rely on to struggle against the Indian red-tape.


Archi Mukherjee

A student of Jadavpur University, she has interned with organisations such as Child Rights and You (CRY) and worked with specially abled children at the Transcendent Knowledge Society. A cinephile to the core.


Soumyajit Dutta

The cinephile-environmentalist says, "I have watched Gangs of Wasseypur 40 times and conclude that our Nature is actually like J.P Singh. Everybody ignores it, despises it and overlooks everything bubbling inside it.

And suddenly one day it shakes up everything and states 'definite'ly - "Humse hi ho payega."


Titas Ganguly

A student of Freie Universitat Berlin, he has been associated with the organisation since its revival in 2015. Recipient of the SBW Berlin scholarship for his work with Green Crusaders. Struggling with online and privileged classes.


Sudarshan Pujari

Graduated from St. Xavier's College, Kolkata. He counts aeroplanes, drones and military history as his passions. His love for flying can be traced to his identity as a Potterhead. Cartoon is one of his indulgences and he enjoys quizzing others about the same.


Ayishik Nandy

"As a budding cinematographer, I bring ideas to life. In my creative endeavor, I realised how creations should be preserved. As a part of Green Crusaders, I try to work for a better environment and society and reach out to people to make them aware of the same."


Abhijit Sen

"Studying at the Department of International Relations at Jadavpur University, I maybe found painting and creating bookmarks. Hooked to the genre of crime and detective novels, I write short stories and enjoy watching Bengali theatrical productions."


Arka Mukherjee

Undergraduate at the Department of Economics, Jadavpur University and master in the art of procrastination. He counts theatre as his passion. 


Subhajit Debnath

"আমি শুভজিত্ দেবনাথ, রাষ্ট্রবিজ্ঞান বিভাগের ছাত্র। পরিবেশ রক্ষা, অবহেলিত শিশু ও মানুষের পাশে থাকতে খুবই পছন্দ করি এবং নিজের সাধ‍্য মতো যতটা পারি চেষ্টা করি। এছাড়া Green Crusaders-এর সদস্য হতে পেরে এটাই বলবো যে এই মানুষগুলো আরো সাহস জুগিয়েছে এই বিষয়ে এগোনোর জন্য"


Swapnaneel Dutta

"As a political science student, I am on a constant journey to locate politics in the realms of gender, class, caste and environment. I believe, that Green Crusaders has provided me this very opportunity to explore and interlink ecological issues to help build a more sustainable and fair world."


Soumarya Dutta

"Pursuing a Bachelors in Political Science at Jadavpur University, I am a  sports enthusiast, working as a  journalist with the sports blog 'Maidan er Goppo' and is the host of the Spotify podcast 'Out of the Park'."

....and numerous others whom we would love to thank for making Green Crusaders a success


Biswanath Maiti

Working with NGOs such as Prayas, Dhumketu and Sapath, he is a quintessential shutterbug.


Abhijit Debnath

Student of political science who solves math problems in his free time. Teaches poor children from his locality.


Trisha Mallick

Currently pursuing her bachelors in Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University. One is most likely to spot her strumming her ukulele or scribbling song lyrics on her bedroom walls or quoting Sirius Black.


Priyak De

"An undergraduate student at Jadavpur University, I have been an active environmental campaigner. A vocal social activist, I have been passionate about left-wing politics."


Sourodeep Sarkar

"I'm pursuing my undergraduate in comparative literature at Jadavpur University. I like performing in theatrical dramas, love singing and working for a better society and for a safe, clean and green Mother Earth."


Rahul Biswas

Pursuing a bachelor's in Economics, he is a 3rd year student in St. Pauls Cathedral Mission College, affiliated to Calcutta University. Interested in Sports, photography, music and social work.


Subhayan Acharya Majumdar

"Studying at Jadavpur University, I have an avid interest in technology,, history, environmental impacts and conservation. Have been an active member of Students’ Federation of India for last three years and currently has a role to run the Arts Faculty Students Union at Jadavpur University."


Indranil Kargupta

"A 23-year old STEM enthusiast, Engineer. 
Trying my bit to un-endanger nature."


Paripurna Majumdar

An aspiring Research Scholar in IR and Area Studies, she loves travelling.

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