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Ecological Awareness

Generating public awareness and articulating informed opinion on the environment is a goal that will be implemented through our actions. Our work in the arena of mangrove conservation in the ecologically fragile Sundarban Delta, assisting vulnerable communities to understand the broader implications of environmental degradation in the low-lying islands of this region bear testimony to our commitment to fulfilling this goal.

Sustainable Development

Across the region, we seek to create sustainable work opportunities, i.e, generating income through production of eco-friendly goods. We are constantly motivated to innovate processes that aim to strike a balance between economic welfare and environmental sustainability. When we speak of 'sustainability', we also refer to the ability of villagers to sustain these initiatives on their own once we help them start up. Sewing Lives’ is based on such an ideal.

Social Welfare

Empowerment of weaker sections of the society, gender equality, extending assistance to the marginalized communities are some of our social welfare measures. It may be perceived as positive changes introduced to the societal set up to fulfill the long term goals of sustainable development. Post-disaster relief distribution is one of our latest activities in this regard.

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